Freitag, 26. Mai 2017

Zum heutigen Kirchentag

Mein Beitrag zum heutigen evangelischen Kirchentag, ein schöner Witz, den ich gerade im Internet gefunden habe! Allerdings auf englisch.... bei Gelegenheit werde ich ihn vielleicht einmal übersetzen.

The one Jew lived for the most part in harmony with his Catholic neighbors in the small European town. However, the smell of chicken on Friday night was driving the devout Catholics crazy, seeing as they were only permitted to eat fish.

Finally, the townspeople collectively rushed the home of the Jew, explainedb to him that they could no longer take this Friday night temptation, and insisted he convert. They brought him to the Church, where the priest sprinkled holy water on him and uttered: "You were born a Jew, you lived your life a Jew ... now you are a Catholic!"

Everyone went home, relieved ... until the next Friday night, when they once again smelled chicken coming from the Jew's house. The townspeople were puzzled and rushed to the scene, in time to see the Jew in his backyard, sprinkling water over a chicken uttering: "You were born a chicken, you lived your life a chicken ... now you are a fish!!!"

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