Cookies - WARNING!

The EU has issued a policy according to which I am obliged to warn every visitor of my blog of third-party cookies that might enable these third person parties to track that visitor through the internet! 

I admit, that's  scary! Cookies that can track me through the internet! .... really really scary!



If you feel tracked by a cookie.... dial this specialists number:

If you are offered a cookie by a third person... kick it .... the third person...

If you meet a EU politician or a EU lobbyist that prevented the complete ban of  such crap as tracking cookies.... KICK that ASSHOLE as well! ... and maybe kick it TWICE... in the balls! ... just to make sure!

If you don't understand that Sarcasm, leave this blog site and install a fu***** track-blocker at your fu***** browser! If you are to dumb to do that, or to lazy to find out how to do that and WHY - congratulations!
YOU are one of the stupid idiot consumers these cookie-crap has been invented for! 
Enjoy them! 

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