Dienstag, 19. Juni 2012

Corn Flake Smoothie ???

On certain occasions I am not sure if marketing strategists have a certain .... mental disability. Or are just mentally challenged...  Or maybe we should call it: they are different.... very different!
Maybe due to some very different weed that they occasionally smoke...

Or, could anyone probably tell me how they would otherwise get such ideas?
It is from a corn flake package and reads: "Now try: delicious crispy corn flakes with yogurt and fruits... or as smoothie"

HELLO!? Are you completely out of your   ... sorry....  A Corn Flake Smoothie????

When I was a kid, it was what nobody would eat anymore! When you have eaten to slow and the corn flakes have soaked the milk and had magically metamorphosed into something unimagineable ... a nasty grey glob!!!

Something you would try to  poison the neighbours dog with, or soil the car of your favourite most hated teacher ... or to chase the unwanted, annoying, female friend or your sister around the block!?

Nothing  you would ever EAT without to puke!

Today... it is discovered by some stoned marketing jerk ... and called "Smoothie"!

What the F***....
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