Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Never on roller blades with knifes and bottles!?

If you happen to travel to Helsinki, please be aware of certain strict rules!

Helsinki is a small town in Finland. You have never heard of Finland before? I think it must be somewhere here:

Finland is relatively harmless, except the bears, the freezing low temperatures, the bears, the freeze, the bears, the freeze, the bears.... the ice bears, the elks and maybe the Fins when mistaken as Swedens or Russians!

So, who ever happen to travel there - stick to the rule: Never ever with bottles and knifes on roller skates in convention centers!

It is not as hard as the Serbians rule "Don't shoot dogs in flip-flops and bermuda shorts, in convention centers" KLICK here.... but they do not seam to like it much!

I am currently here at the annual meeting of the International Federation of Library Associations... and there are so many illiterate people her ... they had to install these signs!

One might suspect, due to some really nasty horrible accidents?

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