Freitag, 9. Dezember 2011

South Africa Department of Energy - Hurra ich werde reich... Teil .... ach scheiss drauf....

Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh .... I will be rich!!!!!!!!

Von: Engr. Enoch Kalele
Antwort an:
Datum: 27. Oktober 2011 20:01
Betreff: Hallo
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South Africa
I am Engr. Enoch Kalele, Director of Project, South Africa Department of Energy.
I am making this contact with you based on my need for an individual/company who is willing to assist me with a solution to a money transfer.
This amount $16.4M represents overdue contract payment bills of the total contract Value Executed a few years back on behalf of the Department by a foreign contracting firm, which we the officials over-invoiced deliberately, of which the actual sum has been paid to the company that executed the contract.
What the fuck did you smoke and where can I buy in??? Maybe we can start a kind of business at an entirely different branch .... I am entitled to offer 2,4t of homeopathic cocaine and approximately 559 gallons of homeopathic LSD in exchange of a 20% down paiment of ....lets say ... 5 Mill $??
Should you be willing to assist us in the transaction, your share of the sum will be 25% of the $16.4 Million, 70% for us and 5% for any expenses incurred in the course of this project including telephone and fax bills.
5% of 16,4 Mill $ for expenses like telephone and faxes:   820 000 $  ???
No wonder South Africa can't be called a major league player in economics ...

I have reposed my confidence in you while awaiting your prompt response through the private email address: above to notify me of your capability to assist us in achieving success in this transaction.
I await your confirmation of my message while praying that this will be the beginning of a lifelong partnership between us.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Yours faithfully,
Engr. Enoch Kalele

Maybe he should pray a little bit more... but less for partnership...  rather for more brain!

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