Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2011

Hurra ich bin reich II

Ich vertreibe mir nun schon seit einiger Zeit nebenberuflich die Langeweile mit der Beschäftigung "reich werden"! Gut, ich gebe zu, ich bin darin nicht sehr erfolgreich, aber ich bekomme jede Menge elektroPost, die mir suggeriert und verspricht mir dabei helfen zu wollen...
Wie zum Beispiel diese nette Dame, welche mir neulich schrieb.... die liebe Esther Aimee Kouadio...
nette Frau... wirklich nett...

Date: 18-09-2011 - 16:09 (G.M.T. +1)
Attn: YOU HAVE A MESSAGE From Esthe Kouadio Aimee
From: Esther Aimee KOUADIO < >

I am introducing my self as Miss. Esther Aimee KOUADIO, the only Daughter of late Mr. and Mrs AMENAN KOUADIO, I wish to request for your assistance in a financial Transaction.

And I wish to invest in Manufacturing and real estate management in your country. I have $6.5M ( Six million Five hundred thousand United States dollars). To invest in your country, and I will require your assistance in helping me stand as my foreign guardian to claim this (Consignment) out from security company to your country,

The consignment was deposited in Africa and was letter lifted to Europe where the consignment is now under the care of the security company diplomat in Europe . I will be gladly to give you 25% out of the total sum for your honest assistance.

Please it's very important you contact me immediately on my private e-mail for further explanation on the whole entire work plan contact me on my private email below ( )

Awaiting your immediate response


Aaaaahhhhhaaaa!!!!   I think this houghts me from the hocker! Ich muss nur noch stand as her fremdenwächter (?) und  I must nur noch the security company diplomat bequatschen .... and I will be rich .... again .... 

na Hossa!

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